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Power-Tech Solutions

Power-Tech Solutions is established by a group of engineers with the motive to provide unique solutions based on online UPS, industrial alkaline and lead acid batteries, inverters, switching power supplies, solar inverters for network connection, embedded electric and electronic converters for the corporate world, and general solutions in high quality power electronics and reliability to the people of around the globe.

The first step of this new strategy is to continue with the differentiated attention in the Services area, offering actively: 

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Training Installation and startup

Our Products

Corporate Highlights

Leader in sales of Online UPS Systems.

4500 strong customer base.

55 qualified and skilled human resource.

Customer presence in almost all parts of India.

Strategic tie-up with Major Principal Companies.

Enjoys strong relationships with its major customers.

Specialist Team for System Integration and Data Center.

Specialist Team for Online Examination Center Solutionsr.

Case Study

Solution Having studied the criticalities involved we recommended for making a Online Examination Center . Space selection, measurement, product requirements were studied. We proposed and designed a DATA CENTER & ONLINE EXAMINATION CENTER which included Ply Works, all civil, electrical & Networking jobs . UPS Systems in Redundant Mode. Also all care were taken for fire & smoke, insects protection, lightening & surge protections. In a record time of 28-days the entire DC was ready for their SAP implementation.

Online Examination Center:

Electronic supported assessment or e-Assessment is a field of growing importance, but it has yet to make a significant impact in the Indian higher education sector and competitive examination. Online Examination is becoming important aspect to conduct entrance exam of education institute, recruitment exam for hiring. Splash gain has come up with unique proposition where examination proctoring along with entire examination management can be effectively executed using technology. For opening any online examination infrastructure is the major challenges as it should be according to standard of different exam conducting organization. Here Power-Tech Solutions play its role as we have large experiences of examination infrastructure development. We have successfully developed many online examination centers as per the standard of government.

Power-Tech Solutions provides end-to-end services to configure and establish online examination centers. This includes Rack Server, Desktop, UPS system with serviceable batteries and other required hardware along with networking.

Solar Plant Installation:

Today, the time has come when humanity has to tackle two critical challenges – meeting the ever growing global energy needs and fighting global warming for a better tomorrow. So, how can we do this?

Acute power shortages in India are making most of the commercial and office establishments to have diesel generator backup. By setting up the grid interactive solar power plants on the rooftops would help in reducing the consumption of diesel during the day time in the areas where grid power is intermittent. If the grid power is continuous, the solar power generated will be utilized along with the grid power and the proportionate amount of grid power usage will get reduced. During minimum load periods (e.g. during weekends), the excess power generated from solar systems could be fed to grid.

Solar energy is on its way to become 'Fuel of the 21st century'. As non-renewable and polluting sources of energy like prtrol, diesel, nuclear power are on their way to be exhausted completely. Solar power as an environment friendly, reliable & sustainable source of energy can be utilized to meet power needs of residential areas and utility.

We at Power-Tech Solutions Provide a complete solutions for solar energy including rooftop solar installation as well as solar pipe installation.
Take pride of installing 850 sites of 1 KW Roof Top off grid Solar System successfully (BREDA PROJECT) Tritronics India Pvt. Ltd. in the entire Bihar.